Which medications should I be taking before my procedure and which ones should I hold? 

The Surgery Center will be calling you approximately 3 days before your surgery to review your medications and which ones you should hold or take the day of your surgery.

I am a diabetic, who will help me with managing my diabetic medications during this process?

Whoever prescribes your diabetic medications will be your resource for managing how to take your diabetic medications for your procedure.  Please contact them to make them aware of your upcoming procedure.

I take blood thinners, do I need to get a clearance from my PCP and have them advise me on how to hold the blood thinners prior to my procedure?

The office will work with scheduling you to get clearance before your surgical date.  This may involve being seen by another provider.  Please stay informed of your appointments and obtaining these clearances in order to avoid cancellation of your procedure.

Who can help me with finding out what my final cost will be for this procedure?

The office can help you with obtaining the final cost that will be due at the time of your procedure.

Will the Surgery Center call me to go over how I am to prepare for the procedure?

The Surgery Center will be calling you approximately a week to 3 days prior to your procedure to review the entire process of your endoscopy.  This includes medications, what to expect, how to prepare, and after care.

What if something happens to me health wise in-between the office appointment and my scheduled procedure date?

Please call the office and ask to speak to a provider since this may change the plan of care.  This includes starting new medications and emergency room visits.

My doctor has all my insurance information. Do I need to bring my insurance card and billing information?

Yes. we will need your insurance card and billing information.

Do I have to bring an escort with me?

Yes, you will receive anesthesia during your procedure and therefore require a responsible adult to accompany you home.

How long will I be at the Center?

You will be at the Center for approximately 2.5 hours in total. You will spend less time at the center by making certain you are punctual for your appointment. Arriving earlier than your appointment time won’t necessarily get you through faster while arriving late will probably cause you to lose your scheduled time slot and create substantial delays for you. Completing the required paperwork prior to your arrival will expedite the process.

I am having an upper endoscopy. Do I have to do anything to prepare for this procedure?

There is no specific preparation but you should not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before the test.